Overall wellness in one session
Island life can get hectic and tiring especially with the surfing and other activities you want to fit into a short period of time. Thiscan create tension in your mind and body. In Kermit, we created a space dedicated to relieve tension in the body, soothe the mind and bring you to a state of calmness and serenity. - the perfect antidote to surfing.

Our in-house instructors are open to changing up the poses to suit your specific needs and skill levels. Kermit classes infuses yin with vinyasa to work on lengthening, strengthening and opening all of the body’s tissues, so that you can enjoy the full replenishing benefits of yoga in one session. Sessions also begin or end waaith meditation, to empty the mind and to keep it open to more experiences the island has to offer.


1 Session (1h and 30 min) – Php400 php
3 class pass- 900php
Private Yoga Session 1:1 – By request
Note: There are special discounted rates for local residents.